The Castles

Northumberland has a turbulent history, as over the centuries the English and Scottish have battled for control of the Border region. Add to that the coastal incursions of the vikings, and the lawless period of the Border Reivers, and it is not surprising that so many great castles have been built in the county. There are at least a dozen fantastic castles within a short drive from Puffin Cottage, ranging from the splendour of Bamburgh to the desolate ruins of Dunstanburgh. Alnwick Castle is now familiar to a generation of film-goers as it is the setting of ‘Hogwarts School’ from the “Harry Potter” movies.

#031 (114)Warkworth Castle, just 3 miles from  Puffin Cottage.

#031 (118)Warkworth Castle – now run by English Heritage.

#031 (163)Dunstanburgh Castle from across Embleton Bay

#031 (167)Dunstanburgh Castle, a 15 minute drive from Alnmouth.

#031 (285)Bamburgh Castle – apparently haunted!

DSC_0534Bamburgh Castle – do not miss out on a full tour of the castle when visiting Northumberland.

#031 (247)Lindesfarne Castle – only accessible by crossing a tidal causeway, you will need to check the tide tables before setting off for Lindesfarne – and make sure you leave the island promptly or’ll you be stuck there all night! For information on 2013 tide tables contact

#031 (262)Lindesfarne Castle beyond one of Northumberland’s famous ‘Coble’ fishing boats.


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